Hi there, and thank you SO much for taking the time to learn about me!

My name is Renee. Up until last year, I spent the last 20 years or so working in sales, marketing, social media & general business management.


I graduated high school when I was 16 (I was 15 at the beginning of my senior year), was a Manager at my first job at 16, and went straight into the world of finance and investments at 17. After about five years and a huge company merger, I learned that corporate life is just not my thing and found that my passion was helping small businesses grow.

I have focused a LOT on community involvement, and after my mom passed away when I was 22 from Multiple Sclerosis, I discovered that I had another passion...philanthropy! I’ve helped raise over a million dollars over the years and have saved multiple lives through the power of fundraising and awareness, especially with social media. 

I moved down in my mid-twenties to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to be a part-time beach bum. I spent my time there managing the social media, blogs, and photography of a few different companies. I also started my own non-profit to help others (which is now dissolved because of what comes next...)

While there, I ended up receiving the greatest blessing daughter!

After having my daughter, I relocated back to Richmond, VA, and fast forward 5 years, have started my own business to be more flexible with my daughter’s acting career and to pursue the things I'm most passionate about.

I love helping small businesses grow. I love photography and have been working on those skills to help bring brands and people to life, helping companies sell and capture special moments for families. i LOOOOOVE food and delicious drinks. I'm a highly organized minimalist that wants to share that passion with others to create a less hectic workplace or lifestyle. 

I truly hope you find my contributions helpful and love collaborations if you have a project that I can lend my experience and expertise to.

Thanks again for stopping by!


In peace, love, and happiness,

- Renee